Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NSC is Back and He Asks...Are We Just Another WAC Member Now?

by NSC

Yesterday I was listening to the Paul Swearingen show as they were talking about Fresno State and where the football program stands when compared to the rest of the WAC. One caller said he wanted to move out of Fresno because the Bulldog football team had become a mediocre member of a mediocre conference. The question that needs to be asked here is: Is Fresno State Just Another WAC Member?

I realize that 2006 was a tough season for the Bulldogs and those who followed the squad. Injuries, poor coaching, poor execution, and the overall drive of the Bulldog team were just a few of the many reasons this team failed to celebrate victory week after week. As Bulldog fans we have become accustomed to eight-nine win seasons and a bowl game each year. 2006 left us wanting more as we were thoroughly disappointed not only with the results of the season but also with the efforts of the players both on and off the field. But there is something here that is more important than one season of failure. There is something that may exist now that would push Fresno State much further back with respect to the football program than any of us could have imagined. Fresno State may now just be another WAC member instead of a WAC leader.

I read some posts the other day about the new WAC prospectus which was recently released. The prospectus used to be a Bulldog haven with respect to information about Fresno State and the upcoming season. The 2007 prospectus seems to consider the Bulldogs an afterthought. Instead the focus now lies on both Hawaii and Boise State as many feel those will be the two teams to carry this conference in the near future. I am here to say this is not true. I am here to say that Fresno State will return to prominence and it will happen sooner than later. The QB position is rough right now but in the near future that will be fixed through Faulkner, Colburn, Brandstater, or maybe even Jerry Davis of Edison. The defense is going to improve ten fold over the course of 2007. While our D-line remains suspect the secondary will be much improved this season. In the near future Travis Brown may become a Bulldog and if that happens he is going to be one of the biggest recruits to ever step on Bulldog field. Our special teams will become a weapon once again with the addition of Devon Wylie to the kick return game. As I said before the Bulldogs will be back and it will happen much sooner than anyone outside of Fresno thinks it will.

Pat Hill has been a hard-headed coach for most of his career at Fresno State. He has done things his way because he has felt that leads to a successful team on the field. However, 2007 looks to be different. Hill may not change 100% but he has lightened up a bit. Hill has allowed a more open offense as was showcased at the Spring game. If Brandstater and Colburn use the summer to improve their game I have a feeling the passing game is going to be opened up far more than we have seen in the past two seasons. In the end Fresno State is not just another WAC member. We have the highest athletic department budget in the WAC and in the future the football team will bring in much more revenue. By 2008 this team will once again be a player nationally, just give it some time. As Bulldog fans you need to believe in this team as opposed to putting them down and giving up on them. The players on this team need support just as every one of us does when times are tough. Just remember Bulldog football is the life of our sports programs here at State and without them we may not have half the sports we do today. Fresno State will carry the WAC once again, and as I stated it will be much sooner than later we just need to believe in the Dogs and where they are headed.

Note – Tomorrow I want to talk about the football program and whether Fresno State should be putting more money into football as opposed to the other sports being run at Fresno State. I have some ideas on it that I think we can all talk about.


mdg said...

I'm glad NSC is back in the mix. His insight and opinions on the football program are well respected.

With that said, guest bloggers are still welcome. A few have thrown their hat into the ring, but the blog is only as good as its contributors...

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your thoughts, and again, welcome back--you were missed. I don't view the "Dogs as just another WAC team, yet when you pose the question it makes one think (an often dangerous pursuit).

I consider the Bulldogs the cream of the WAC crop, until I think logically: No sole titles in 10 years; consistently losing to WAC teams that show any backbone at all (Boise, Nevada, Hawaii, LATech); very few wins the last few years over any genuine BCS powers; and consistent 3-4 loss, 3rd place-type league finishes.

If it were any other school, what would we Bulldog Crazies be calling them? Does the word "mediocre" come to mind?

We must support our team, for sure! But we must also demand that they perform to their potential--and not just in flashes. It has to be a two-way street.

Go "Dogs, win the WAC (for starters)!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to take responsibility for the above post.

Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal Fresno State Football fan for 10 years now and my patience has run thin. Almost a decade without a league title and in the Pat Hill era, only a co-championship and 3 bowl victories (2 of those victories from a now defuct bowl). I'm wondering if Fresno State is EVER gonna win the WAC but until then they are just another league member out of the national spotlight. Regardless, I'm only going to a couple games this season as opposed to nearly all games in years past. Consecutive seasons of choke jobs and last season's debacle do not convince me that this team is fun to watch anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. it's things like this that keep me pumped up!!!

Always have faith!

Go Dogs!!