Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fresno State Quarterback: Tom Brandstater

He has gone from the backup to Pinegar, to the next Pinegar, if not worse in some fans eye's.

I believe 2007 will be the year Tom Brandstater returns to playing the way he would, when Pinegar was here and we had a 30 point lead. Free, loose, and excited to be on the field. He has the supporting cast around him to do so. Now all he needs is the support from the fans and the Valley.

May I ask one favor of the Valley? .... When Sac State comes in to town, and we are ready to hit the gridiron for the first time in 2007, let's let Tommy know that he has our support. And we are fully confident in his ability to bring back the pride of the Valley and surge into a great season.


Anonymous said...

I definately agree with your proposed show of class in the opening game. I recommend carrying that type of attitude throughout the entire season. I recall a trip to Tennessee a few years ago to watch the Volunteers handily beat the young Bulldog team. The fans showed class from the pre-game tailgating through exiting the stadium. Win, lose, or draw...a show of class will be respected and remembered by all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I was disheartened by Tommy last year. Subsequently, however, I have decided it was on the coaching staff more than on TB. Tommy was simply not ready to perform at a D1 level, although most of us believed he was. Why did we think TB would be the answer to a poor PP showing?

Because we believed the coaches at FSU would definately have a quality replacement ready. Now we know the truth: they did not.

So for this year...let's all root for Touchdown Tommy, for the new and improved PH and staff, and for a resurgent Bulldog Football Team. Go 'Dogs!