Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Fresno State Faithful

by NSC

Every team in the nation has football fans. It does not matter if the team is Duke, Temple, or Florida A&M for that matter; they have fans that follow them whole heartedly. Although schools such as Temple have been dreadful for the last decade there are those fans that will never give up and are filled with eternal optimism towards their team. These are the fans that ignore the 1-11 seasons that Temple and Duke are known for having. These are the fans that will tailgate at the stadium regardless of who their team is playing. These are the fans that will walk away from a 56-0 blowout finding something positive that their team accomplished regardless of the loss. While it may not seem like it Fresno State does have fans that are exactly like these eternally optimistic fans. Whether you want to call them the kool-aid generation of fans is up to you. I tend to look at them as the Fresno State Faithful, those who will be in the Bulldogs corner regardless of what happens with the football program in 2007 and on.

Fresno State faces a tough season in 2007. As you all know 2008 does not look to be any easier with road games at UCLA, Toledo, and K-State. However, I am willing to bet there are a distinct group of fans that will turn out for every single home game regardless of what happens. I am willing to be there is that distinct group of fans who feel the Bulldogs may just upset that BCS school regardless if the Dogs are 1-4 or 4-1 at the time. To me that is what makes the Bulldog faithful so great. For every fan I know that is negative about this program there is a fan that can argue that the Dogs will be back to prominence sooner than later. For every post that I write about being realistic there is a post arguing that my realism is instead negative and I should take a lighter approach to how I feel about the Dogs in 2007. Sometimes I am bothered by responses that negate what I am trying to convey to you as fans, but when the argument is that I am being too negative it does not bother me in the least. I am happy to read replies that state other Bulldog fans are so passionate about the upcoming season and they feel I need to open my mind to the idea that we may be able to climb out of this hole that was opened up during the 2006 season. To see so many optimists makes me feel like we just may be able to turn it all around.

Does it matter if the optimists all end up being wrong about 2007? Does it matter if the Bulldog faithful are let down again throughout the course of the season? Well to those fair weather fans it will matter because we will not see them at the stadium again. To that I say good riddance and I am glad you will not attend another Bulldog home game. Fresno State needs faithful fans, not the type that will turn on you when times are tough. Being a Bulldog fan can be compared to a marriage at times. Although I am not married I do realize that marriage can be quite tough at times and you may even be let down by your significant other. But regardless of what happens you do not turn your back on your significant other, you stay there through thick and thin and make it work. Because you stay and make it work you are also pleasantly surprised at times by what your significant other will do for you and it is times such as these that make your drive to stay together all the more worth it. Fresno State at times does the very same thing to their fans. They let you down when they go on the road and drop a game against lowly Utah State. However, the Dogs also make you proud when they travel to stadiums such as Wisconsin and walk away with a victory. If you fight long enough eventually you will be rewarded and that is why it is worth it to stick around and watch the Bulldogs.

Fresno State football is a tough sport to love. However there are many of you out there that love this football team more than just about anything in your life. You will be there for the Bulldogs regardless of what our record in 2007 is. If the Dogs churn out another disappointing season you may show your displeasure but you will be right back here for 2008 feeling optimistic because a new season has begun. Most of my blogs concentrate on the Bulldogs football players and coaching. Very few of my blogs concentrate on the wonderful fans this university has. Today I feel like letting those faithful know that it is you that help make Bulldogs football so wonderful. Without you Bulldog football would just be another sport in the city of Fresno. With you Bulldog football is just another sport in Fresno. The only difference is you make it matter. Thank you for your time and dedication to this football team, one day you will all be rewarded with a wonderful season, if for no other reason than because you all deserve it.


dcoonj05 said...

Great article! Thank YOU!

el perro chato said...

Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, Bulldogs till we're dead!