Friday, January 19, 2007

Is the Job Getting Done?

I know you are not accustomed to checking out the Bulldog Blog and seeing a picture of a girl on the site, but today's blog is not going to have much to do with football. Instead today I want to ask the readers what they think about the Bulldog football blog and how it has been since the off-season began for Fresno State a month and a half ago (By the way the picture on the left is of Kristen Bell who stars in Veronica Mars, yes she is the hottie of my lifetime).

I have tried to cover every angle of our football team since I began writing for the blog six months ago. My first post was my prediction of the way the WAC would finish. I had Boise right as I said they would go 12-0 but as for the rest of the teams I was as far off as any guy could possibly be. However, in the end I write to inform the readers about what is going on with respect to the Bulldog football world. For the most part the readers already know about everything I publish because the barkboard does a great job of getting all the news updated. I offer a different point of view for the most part though because I am straight forward and do not try to sidestep any of the issues that the Bulldogs go through yearly. I am very forward and just think sometimes being harsh is the only way to handle your favorite teams.

In the end what I wanted to know from the readers is: Where can I improve to make the blog experience even better for everyone? I realize at times I can be negative but I look at it as a realistic point of view. I think sometimes realism comes across as negativity and that is how I am seen. Do know I love the Bulldogs and will always be there to support them. I say I won't buy season tickets if this or that happens but the truth is there is very little that can keep me from being at the stadium on Bulldog Saturday. If I can make the blog something everyone enjoys reading then I feel like I am doing a good job overall. So today's blog comes down to one question for everyone that reads this:

What can I do to make the blog even more enjoyable for all of the readers?

Thanks for all the reading you guys have done. I try to update the blog daily but at times things get busy. Just know throughout the off-season I will be writing far more than I won't. Take care everyone and have a great weekend. I will be in Sacramento but will be back writing away on Monday. I appreciate everyone's opinion on what you think of the blog.

Note - Monday I will do a recruiting update as we have added some very good players to the program over the past few days. If players like Tim Lang, Ryan Mathews, and Zak Hill don't get your spirits up then I don't know what will. We just landed the nations leading rusher, you have to be happy about that.


Anonymous said...

NSC, I enjoy the blog immensely. In fact, it is now what I open up to in the morning instead of my e-mail--you are doing a fine job, IMHO.

Fresno State Football is something I am passionate about, and I too have been been given the "negative" mantle for what I believe to be realistic comments. In the end though, I want what all Red Wavers want: The best for the Bulldogs. So keep writing about the 'Dogs in your realistic manner--positively or "negatively"--to keep a stream of consciousness going that might lead to improvement.

I used to write sbout high school football for a Monterey daily paper, and know what a grind it can be. Stay with it though, maybe get more quotes or articles cites to support your conclusions, and I believe an already excellent blog will just keep getting better. Thanks again.

Steve Burnes

nsc said...

It is a good idea to find proof that what I am saying is true, so I can look further into what I do rsearch on before I write it and have a better direction to send people in. I never really thought about that but I do feel like people should have more articles to reference with respect to what I write. Thanks for the opinion.

MB said...

Putting Kristen Bell on the Blog is a definite step in the right direction.

I think you do a nice job with the blog because you have your own opinions and you express them hear. Your viewpoints are appreciated and they make for a worthwhile read.

Some people can say the views are "negative" and they can have their opinions but I tend to read much of what is posted here to be rather realistic.

You are the type of guy that can be harsh about your team and call it like it is, case in point calling an 7-5 07 campaign good. People dont want to heat that because they want to think that they arer rooting for a team that is better than 7-5. Meanwhile you make predicitons like that yet you attend all home games while they stop going after game 6 or 7 in the season.

Keep doing it the way you have been conducting things prior and it will continue to be a good read. I just hope nobody figures out that you dont like defense and dont pay much attention to it.

nsc said...

MB I don't think anyone knows what you just said about defense aside you and MDG. Well hell now everyone knows that I am that way. What can I say, I played QB and my mind works with respect to offense. I am telling you offense is so much easier than our Dogs make it. I know Grady is going to be a good hire, I can feel it. He is going to help make the offense efficient.

Anonymous said...

NSC, thank you from all of us Dogs Fans waiting until the football season come upon us again. You do a great job and you'll only get better. May I suggest that if possible, you do a few interviews with some of the players and some of the new recruits to get a feel for the team on a more personal level.
Maybe this request is too much but if anyone can accomplish interviews, that would you and that would put this blog on a highest level of excellence.
Your work makes the offseason bareable...Thanks again.

nsc said...

I am quite sure there is a way to talk to some of the players after they have committed to the Dogs. I mean of course we would have to wait until after but MDG and I could come up with a way to get some info on each of the players without a doubt. I would rather talk to them anyhow because I dont want to post anything that is heresay.

Anonymous said...

When things aren't going so good for the Dogs, everyone loves to blast Hill and TB. It would be a creative challenge to find the positive amidst the debris...
That would be a good reading experience.

el perro chato said...

NSC, I been reading the blog everyday since I've discovered it about a year ago. When I first saw the blog I was like "jackpot". I've been following Bulldog sports since the mid 80's when I was about 9 years old. One thing that I've always been looking for all over the internet is the all time stat career leaders for Fresno St. I know the pictures say career leader but who is 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. I like seeing the old time pictures of the Bulldog greats, my favorite is Ron Rivers. I think that the Fresno St. all-time scores link is awsome.

About recruiting, how good is Ryan Mathews, I know he was the nations leading rusher but what does that really mean? Is he really that good or was he the team's only option or just playing against bad teams? What position do you think he is going to play at Fresno St? Do you have a possible line-up for next season? All this stuff interests me. Keep up the good work! I wish more people knew about this blog.

Anonymous said...