Friday, January 26, 2007

Has It Been That Long...

My contract to blog with AOL is done. They have chosen to go in a different direction. Translation: AOL no longer sees employing a blogger of a 4-8 non-BCS team that can not throw the football. Anyways my weekday workload has also cut down and is running smooth. Now I will be able to get back to blogging on the No. 1 Fresno State Football Blog.

My last post was back on Dec. 1 about the same time I stopped posting on AOL. Covering recruiting on has taken up a good amount, but I can't believe it has been almost two months since my last post.

NSC has done a tremendous job posting, but I hope to blog at least two-three times a week, if not more.

I have read the readers comments about improving the blog and I will do my best to add whatever you guys want to read. Player interviews will be tough because we would have to go through the SI office to do things the "right-way". But we'll see what we can do.

As far as recruiting, it will not be hard-hitting, breaking news. That stuff stays on's Doghouse forum, but the FSFB can still cover it well. NSC does a good job covering the recruits and I will add my tidbits. But the FSFB will still be the one-stop place for original analysis and opinion with links to every spot on the net with Bulldog info (that we can find). Drop us a line to share a link!


Anonymous said...

Well, a lot of interest in Fresno State Football has been lost nationwide. Much of that interest has shifted to Boise State, especially following their thrilling victory over Oklahoma. I fear it will be a long time getting it back, and IF we do, it will be shared with Boise State.

I travel a lot, and know for certain that Bulldog losses to the Smurfs are no longer considered flukes due to our "overlooking" them. THEY are now viewed as the premier football team in the WAC.

Also, their coaches are obviously capable of getting more from the whole than the sum of its parts, and recruiting is getting easier for them--in some publications their '07 class is listed as superior to ours.

So welcome back MD, sorry our dismal football product has cost you a job, but maybe if we all pull together our team will feel enough heat to reverse the current trend from mediocrity (average 8-4 seasons with a couple of inexplicible losses) to horrible (4-8 season with UNBELIEVEABLE losses to Utah/San Jose States).

After all, the Bulldogs deserve better, IMHO.

Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

Welcome back MD.This is their loss and our gain. We appreciate the great job you and NsC do for us. I truly hope you can get a little deeper and do a few interviews of the new comers for us.
I too think our Dogs have been passed by the big truck of Boise on the freeway to national recognition. Our recruiting although strong this year, might have been a lot stronger if our record was better. The Dogs have to stop taking one step forward and then 2 steps back.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the AD or anyone at FS has spoken to Hill about the fact that he needs to spruce up the offensive play calling.
I know Hill has shown great commitment to the program by the job they are doing with recruiting this year, but the lack of imagination on offense spells doom for the Dogs. I hope someone comes in and helps Hill or all the talent on the team will only reach sub-par success.

Anonymous said...

Since joining the WAC, Boise State has consistently been the best team in the WAC and not gotten credit for it; I am a lifelong 'Dog fan and still i have to acknowledge that fact. The thing is they never got recognized for it- we were always seen as being the best team in the WAC, and even though for what ever reason Boise has had our number people all over the country still thought very, very highly of Fresno State. When I travel I proudly sport my Fresno State gear in sports bars all over the country and people always would say, yeah, great football team. Will people still say that, do they still think that? This may be the most important year in Fresno State Football history because if Fresno doesn't beat Boise State this year, there is no question in my mind that perception of Fresno State all over the country will be irrevocably altered, and not for the better. That’s what I fear for the next year. All of that being said, the team is not in bad shape, but they are very emotional- they need to start big.

Mike from Bakersfield