Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Recruiting - What's Needed?

The past two blogs have revealed what I think are the most important needs with respect to recruiting this season. I feel the D-Line and Speed are our two biggest needs on this team. I know our secondary was bad but I feel like that is because the D-Line did not get enough pressure on the opposing teams QB's. Today's blog is not going to be long and drawn out but instead I am going to ask you a few questions with the most important one being:

In your opinion as fans what do you think we need to go after with respect to recruiting?

Obviously both of our kickers will return, but do you feel that it is important to go find another field goal kicker now instead of waiting for Stitser to move on? At the same time we have two new QB's coming into the system but I ask again do you feel like that is enough for the Dogs right now? As I always say it's great to hear from those huge Bulldog fans because you tend to have the clearest outlook on the team from the outside. Let's see what most people feel like the Dogs should concentrate on with respect to our recruits for 2007. Remember let us all know what you think the Dogs need to become a better team. Where should the Dogs concentrate on to be competitive once again?


Anonymous said...

Great job on giving us an insight as to what the Dogs need to get back on track.I believe the Dogs are chasing away blue chippers for one simple reason.
After viewing scout.com and some of the other sites, I notice that Boise State and some of the other schools are picking up 3 star players from high school almost at will. The Dogs seem to have picked up few of their own but most are 2 star players.
I wonder if the arrogance of
P Hill is preventing more 3-4 star players from coming to play for the Dogs.
I ran into Hill in the spring and he has turned arrogant. He is Not the man I met 10 years ago that seemed down to earth and modest.
After the spanking he took this year behind the barn, I hope he gets back to himself and learns that modesty will attract more players than the arrogance I saw in the spring.

Anonymous said...

We need a defensive coach that and DC that can get our players to attack like Bulldogs, yet with discipline (an element often lacking in the past), speed and technique for our Dbacks, and a new QB we can count on (not gonna happen!).

Plus, not that it has to do with recruiting, but we need a more innovative style of play on offense and defense, with a return to our excellent special teams play of the past. And a return to Bulldog Pride.

The schedule is ripe for a good showing next year; less "stressful" than prior years, and the softer schedule will allow PH's 'Dogs to look mean again.

Steve Burnes