Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Concerning Exit

First Sean Norton decides to leave Fresno State to search for a better opportunity to play. One day later offensive coordinator Steve Hagen decides to leave for North Carolina to coach with his old friend Butch Davis. I realize most Fresno State fans are happy to see Hagen go, but do you know what this could possibly lead to? Yesterday Pat Hill was quoted as saying he is in no hurry to find a offensive coordinator and he may even call the offensive plays himself. Is there anyone out there who still questions whether this offense is the fault of the coordinator or that of Hill? I believe that quote in itself tells you exactly what is wrong with the offense. If Hill is going to run this offense then we have absolutely no chance of scoring next season. He is the reason we run-run-pass so often. He is the only college coach in America who feels the way to win a game is to control the clock and limit the opposing team's opportunities. Wake up Pat. College football does not run by the same set of rules that Pro football does. Controlling the clock has very little to do with who wins in the college ranks anymore. Hawaii averages 3-4 minutes per drive yet scores over 40 points a game. What's their record? Oh that's right they are 10-3. While I am not sure Hagen was the offensive answer I know for a fact Pat Hill is nowhere near the answer to correcting our offense. He is too stuck in a world where his way works and no one else's does. Part of the problem may be the fact Pat seems to worry about what everyone else thinks of him. This morning Matt James (check out his article on Sean Norton today in the bee) was on the Tony D show. Matt James is a good beat writer for the Dogs because unlike most other Dogs reporters he wants to know what the hell is truly going on. He will ask the questions no one else will. James said he has never seen a man who worries about other people's opinions more than Pat Hill does. It is quite possible that we may have the wrong man coaching this team. Coaches should not worry about what people think of them. They should do what's best for the team and I do not feel Pat Hill did this this past season.

While Hagen leaving will not hurt the team the exit of Norton is going to affect this team tremendously. Pat has no one to fall back on now if Brandstater continues to struggle. Brandstater will be our starter (and 10,000 less people will be in the stands for each game unless the team Norton transfers to comes to town) but the pressure on him will not decrease. This is not going to make Brandstater's job any easier. Instead if he does not get the job done we will struggle through another losing season. Fan support will continue to dwindle and any hopes of ESPN having interest in putting the Dogs on television will all but disappear. Fresno State may very well become one of those horrific WAC automatic wins for other schools. All the work Pat Hill will have done to get the Dogs into the national spotlight will have been ruined because of his support of a QB who cannot do what is needed to win games at the college level. I do not have the answer to why Pat is so adamant about starting Brandstater. When Norton announced he was leaving Pat stated "I still think Sean is a good QB". When asked about Brandstater Hill stated "I think with time and work Tom could be a good QB". In other words the QB that is good is leaving and the one that needs all the work in the world to become good is staying. How much sense does that make? Yesterday on ESPN 1430 Brandstater stated that he is going to study the playbook well this off-season so he can be more effective next season. My question is what have you been doing for the past three years? have you noticed maybe you should open the book up and see where it takes you? Colburn took the same route as Brandstater as he grey-shirted then red-shirted his first two years at State. He will be in his third year in the program and there is no possible way he could be as bad as Brandstater has been. But do you think Pat is going to give Colburn a true shot?

The title of this blog "A Concerning Exit" refers to Norton leaving. This one situation will create more problems for the Bulldogs in 2007 than Pat Hill wants to admit. Hill calling plays is not the answer and never will be. We all knew he was doing this anyhow, but now he may be our offensive coordinator. While you are at it Pat why don't you fire Brown, Simons, and Baxter and coach the entire team yourself. That way you don't have to worry about what people think of your football team anymore. You will know everything falls back on you and there is no blame you will be able to put out there to take it away from you. This team faltering is Pat Hill's fault and I am tired of listening to people who are trying to protect a coach who used to be a strength at this university. Times have changed and Pat's mentality is not the right mindset for the Dogs right now. Hill ran Norton out of town and if that doesn't piss you off then nothing will. In that sense I can almost understand those who support Pat. Just understand this football team will not be successful for many years to come as long as Hill continues to worry about everything except his football team.

Question - Why do you think Pat is so adamant about starting Brandstater? Why did Pat do everything in his power to keep Norton off of the field? I have my own thoughts but what does everyone who reads the Blog think?


Anonymous said...

I don't know the answer to why Coach Hill went with--and stuck through thin (there was no thick)--with Tommy Brandstater, because Mr. Hill won't ever tell us. But I THINK the reason is that he is always searching for the next NFL draftee; the higher round, the beter.

Getting NFL picks helps build his reputaton and persona, which may be how he "sells" himself to future recruits, and...NFL teams. A 6'5" QB with a strong arm probably has a better upside for NFL teams than does an accurate, savy 5'10" QB (there aren't too many Doug Flutie types in the Bigs).

Hence, PH hopes for Brandstater to "grow" into a QB as big as his frame suggests he could be. When he does not advance, he becomes a Hill project, and Pat becomes blinded to other possibilities--even those that could help the team (like Norton). Otherwise, Pat Hill would have to admit he made a mistake, and he just doesn't do that.

Humble though it may be, this is my opinion.

Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

Who is this new QB from texas? Is he a freshman? Mayby with Norton gone, coach Hill will be looking a little harder for another recruit. It is hard to think that Hill doesn;t reconize that he needs more then one QB. I don;t know much about Colburn. Does he have any potential?

I think we need to make sure we have another strong FB for next year as well. I think Wright did a great job. Are there any thoughts on NFL potential for him?

For next year if the dogs want to win, they need fix or check the following. (1) A better QB then Brandstater, one atleast as good a Pineager. The QB needs to beable to develope a trust and a flow with the recievers. (2) A running back that can make the plays. (3) The offensive line is always a must have. They need to control that line. (4) The defensive backs need to be able to see the feild. They need to cover the opposing recievers, and be able to play close and fill in the holes. The outside line backers need to contain, and the inside line backers need to stick the middle, and have the ability to drop back when needed. (5) The need to play together, and they need to play as hard as I have seen them play in past seasons. Meaning they need to hit hard, and come out of the dressing rooms loose and ready.

The best QB isn't enough if the rest of these things are also lacking. Alot of what I am talking about is emotional, they need to have the passion. Also, the special teams need to be practicing more.
Aaron W.

Anonymous said...

Good comment Brunes.

We all know that Hill never admits mistakes, he is below that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...Burnes (sp)

pleasewintheWAC! said...

Steve Burnes hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

I know why Pat Hill stuck with Tom all year. Rumor has it that Tom is somehow related to Hill or Hill's wife and that is how he ended up in Fresno anyway. No wonder they recruited a kid who threw for 1200 yards in High School.

Anonymous said...

Too bad PH did'nt help Hagan pack his bags and go with him.
A stubborn person has no place in coaching a team like the Dogs.
It would be great news to the Dogs if PH was offered another job so that he can move on. His days at FS are numbered...
For him to ignore the Likes of Norton only says he is closed minded and that tells all the other potenital recruits that when Hill makes up his mind, the game is over. Hey, Hill, I hear Arizona is looking for a coach..Hasta la vista baby!!!

Anonymous said...

And take Dan Brown with you!! that defense the past few tears has been pathetic.

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