Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Little Game Help

Hey everyone I am stuck at work right now and since KFRE isn't showing the game I cannot watch it. I am wondering if you guys can keep me update by emailing me at or just leaving me a score on here with each one that happens? I would appreciate it greatly.


Anonymous said...

Fresno State - 14
San Jose State - 21
at Half Time

nsc said...

Oh ok that's cool, its' close. Hey is there any chance you can tel me your opinion on how we are playing right now?

Anonymous said...

I just found a link via website. The site has current score, stats, and play by play. I live down in SoCal and the local cable company is not airing the game. The offensive stats show SJSU is outplaying the Dogs but the second quarter scoring was in the Dogs favor. Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

Does D. Wright have either of the 2 TDs??

Anonymous said...

Dogs received the 3rd quarter opening kickoff were putting together a nice 7 minute drive to start the second half and Stitser just missed a 48 yard field goal (wide right).

Anonymous said...

D. Wright's current stats show 18 attempts for 90 yards and 1 touchdown.

Anonymous said...

Goodwin interception at the SJSU 35 yard line and returned to the SJSU 31 yard line. Then 3rd and 10 from the SJSU 31 yard line and Brandstater completes a 27 yard pass to Pascoe...followed by a 5 yard FS false start penalty...and then a second Brandstater interception at the SJSU 3 yard line which was returned to the SJSU 12 yard line.

Anonymous said...

NSC, this was sad, sad, sad. Brandstater's stats won't look stellar, but the fact that they began the prevent D early helped him pad his numbers some.

One good thing,PH was seen giving TB some grief after his last of 4 interceptions--a wobbly duck thrown up for grabs. Just maybe Hill will look at our QB situation more honestly--heh, it could happen! (One telling moment of truth at the game: The nice, knowledgeable, old Spartan sitting next to me looked up after TB's 3rd interception and said, "You need better athletes at some positions." Amen, but why preach to the choir?

MM was again horrible on defense;and again the old man came through with this prescient question: "Who teaches them to turn their backs to the ball like that?"

Bear Pascoe was a breath of fresh air, however, and DW was doing all he could to help (yet inexplicibly, he seemed to run into--rather than away from--defenders fairly often).

By the end of the game, with the Spartan fans filling the field in celebration as if they had just won a national title, instead of joining Utah St. in knocking of a 4-8 team of sad sacks, all I could feel was relief that the season was mercifully over.

Funny, it seems only yesterday I could hardly wait for the season to begin.

Steve Burnes