Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Red Seat Debacle

by nsc

Fresno State sits at 5-2. They are 4-0 in the WAC. This past weekend they played a rivalry game that had been somewhat renewed due to the fact that San Jose State beat the Dogs this past season. The Bulldogs had not played a home game in three weeks and had only experienced one home game over the past fifty days. With all of these factors present one would think Bulldog stadium would be full for their football game against San Jose State. Unfortunately that was not the case this past weekend in Fresno. Only 35,000 fans decided to grace Bulldog stadium with their presence. As usual the Red Seats were most notably empty as they usually are. Week after week if there is one thing that is certain it is that the red seats will not be filled. But the question as to why they are not full has to enter just about every single Bulldog fans mind. How is it even possible that the single best seats in Bulldog stadium go unfilled week after week? The answer is quite simple, Fresno State has absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to ticket sales. A situation such as the red seats being empty is one that can be solved easily. Here is how.

Every year red seat tickets must be renewed by their respective owners. This really doesn't come down to rocket science here when I state the fix for this problem. All Fresno State has to do is make sure that season ticket holders in the red seats understand that if their seats are not filled after the first five minutes of the game they will be filled. In other words if the red seat season ticket holders do not show up the university shall reserve the right to open those seats up to other prospective fans. Of course this is not the only solution. Fresno State could start a program where those red seat holders who will not be attending the game can give up their seats. There are so many different ways to handle this problem and the truth is it is becoming quite disheartening to see those seats empty week after week. How is it possible that everyone in the valley seems to be missing this young upstart team and the drive they have to win? Why does it seem like Bulldog fans expect a national championship or bust? Is it really too much to hope for WAC title first? These players are young and quite honestly they are playing their asses off for this city and the university yet we can only put 35,000 fans in the seats? I for one am tired of hearing about how we should expand the stadium. We have no business hoping to close the end zones off if we cannot put fans in the seats. So for every person who has a valid point with respect to expansion of the stadium you mine as well save it for now. The only way this stadium will ever grow is if Bulldog fans get off their couch and come down to Bulldog stadium to watch the game.

The Boise State Blackout

At first I thought this to be a terrible idea. I mean Bulldog colors are Red, White, and a bit of Blue. Yet we decided that we are going to go with black for a game to show the nation how amazing Bulldog stadium can look on national television. After I accepted the idea and even thought of it as "a fun experience" I come to find out that half the people in the stadium this past Saturday had no idea about a blackout against Boise. I will be wearing black and so will my entire family when we see the game Friday. But when you have twenty people in your immediate surroundings who have absolutely no idea that a blackout is going to take place what does that tell you about the marketing skills of Fresno State? In order to sell an idea such as this you have to market it. A month in advance there should be adds throughout the city of Fresno speaking of the blackout against Boise. The Fresno Bee should be advertising this game daily talking about where people can buy blackout shirts if they have the desire to purchase them. I am just a bit disappointed in the university as the idea now seems like a promotional ploy to make money instead of celebrating one of the biggest games in Fresno in the past five years.

Fresno State-Boise State Opening Thoughts

First of all let me say a little bit about what I have read over the past few days on the BarkBoard and Blue Turf Board. This game will not be decided by what these two teams have done in the past. Boise's SOS and Fresno's SOS have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of this game. Fresno's winning margin and Boise's winning margin will not help decide who is better Friday night. Fresno's offensive totals and Boise's offensive totals will not allow us to know who will win this game Friday night. Instead whoever plays better on the field Friday will be the team that comes away with a win. I get tired of reading posts stating "Boise's SOS is...." or "Fresno's SOS is better than Boise's so...." Just so everyone knows that means absolutely nothing when the ball is kicked off for the first time Friday night. Both of these teams are good solid football teams. Boise State scores a lot of points and Fresno is very good at controlling the clock with their grind it out running style. In the end the team that is able to play their style of football will win this game. Just so everyone knows I am going with the Bulldogs Friday night. I think it's Fresno's turn to make this a series and their confidence will be at an all time high with their revenge win over San Jose. Bulldog stadium will be full for the first time this season and the Bulldogs will walk away with a very tight victory. Hell my cousing from Nor-Cal will even be at the game with me, so the stars are aligning for this one Bulldog fans.

Fresno State 38
Boise State 35


James said...

Fresno State just doesn't know how to do football games, period. At A&M, my friend had a sports package. He'd pay a set amount (under $100) and get to go to all the home games for a particular sport. That's why the student section always overflows.

What do we do? Spot the red seats in the middle, move the student section to the worst spot in the stadium, and woo fans to come by making them feel guilty for not being there. "I don't understand why the fans aren't here." A few weeks ago, a coach on ESPN mentioned he'd had pizzas delivered to their student section in an effort to begin developing a culture.

This was the first I heard of a blackout, and it doesn't even make sense. Why sport all black?

Our stadium doesn't fill up because a ticket costs more than a textbook.

Drew said...

Enjoy your blog, and really looking forward to the tussle this Friday. Check out my Bronco Blog if you'd like...I will post my Fresno/BSU preview tomorrow.

karen said...

There should be available to Season Ticket Holders a "Ticket Exchange" similar to the SF gaints & LA Angels. Unwanted tickets are posted on the website & anyone can purchase them. It is a simple, easy way for us non-season ticket holders to purchase those empty seats-just sad to see those Red Seats empty!

Anonymous said...

Boise State Debacle..
Brandstater has to go. Chuck up this lose to our QB and to Hill.
Both cannot perform under pressure. If a company hires someone and pays them top dollars and that person does not perform, the company and simply fires him and gets someone new that can do the job.Hill has not won 1 WAC title much less even been close to what Boise State has done in the few years thet have been in the WAC including winning a BCS game. Hill and Brandstator are chokers that need to go. Done with all the excuses for the last 10 years. TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!!!

James said...

Why blame it on Brandstater when 90% of the pass plays look relatively the same? He played well last night and had 260 yards. He lines up on the ball with three plays to choose from, at least one being a run, and picks the best one. He's been efficient this season. Players aren't the ones developing the game plans.

Anonymous said...

Actually, most of the red seats (like mine) are 10 year options. I don't renew anything every year because I paid for the 10 years in full 5 or 6 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame brandstater when the line doesn't protect him. He spent the night on the ground. 90% of the time he was lucky if he was able to get rid of it.

Counting from snap, he had 1.5 to 2 seconds max before someone was in his face.

Anonymous said...

TB was slammed to the ground because Boise knew the Dogs simple playbook. No fakes,no imagination of play calling, not a thing that would make a defense hesitate to come after him.Also,if you were to see all the replays of most of TB'S passes to recievers, you'd find that they are behind, over the head, too low, too hi or simply not where they should be to allow the reciever a chance to run full speed down field. Between Hill's play calling and TB's below par passing, the Dogs are right where they should be with wins and loses. Winning 9 games this year will be a challnge.