Monday, March 12, 2007

Guest Blog: Something is Rotten in Boise Part 1

by SanDiegoSteve

Or should I say something is rotten with the Boise State football program? Many Fresno State and Boise State fans have characterized me as Boise State Enemy #1. I think of myself as a strong detractor and unrelenting cynic.

To those who know me I truly believe in self reflection pertaining to my professional and personal growth. I embrace the Japanese concept of “Kaizen” or change. I have reflected on my opinion of Boise State football in light of the Donks 13-0 2006 season. I have sought out the opinions of those I trust and across the board the feedback I have received only hardens my opinion of the Boise State football phenomenon.

The information that was shared with me comes from first hand trusted sources. What can be labeled as hearsay and what can be labeled as fact could be debated. Regardless, the overwhelming opinion is something is rotten with Boise State football and the stench may soon be far-reaching. So much that a certain racist, inbred organization in Kansas calling itself the NCAA may soon take notice.

Some have explained Boise State’s success of the last eight seasons as a calculated combination of notoriously weak scheduling, blind luck and flawless execution. Remember the execution portion; I will be coming back to that topic.

Boise State’s combined Strength-of-Schedule, commencing with Dirk Koetter’s 1999 team through the 2006 season, is lower than whale feces. In fact I have not found another D-1A team that has enjoyed such a pristine won/lost percentage and played such a consistently weak schedule.

Would Boise’s record shine if it played a schedule commensurate with the inflated self-opinion BSU fans have for their program? Doubtful. I estimate Boise State would have tasted defeat 12-16 times more if the team had played Pat Hill’s schedule, 1999-2006. My opinion, I am proud to say is shared by several prominent and seasoned Bark Board posters and others including members of the media and football coaches I will not name.

Please take note of Dan “the god,” Hawkins inaugural 2-10 season at Colorado. Also take note of fired ASU Coach Dirk “the Warden” Koetter’s 40-34 record. Up the level of competition to true D-1A standards and the “flawless” coaching records racked up by both at Boise State take an unrecoverable nose dive into the terra firma.

The question we then must ask ourselves is how does a backwater football program ten years removed from D1-AA competition with a third world athletic budget and JUCO stadium become the arguably most celebrated non-BCS football team in America?

Is it the weak schedule? Is it the unbelievable lack of major injuries? Is it blind luck, skill or a combination of all? The answer is yes! And they also CHEAT as well as anyone in the business. I have gleaned the knowledge of several indivuals close to WAC football and media insiders who have expressed without hesitation their opinions.

Boise’s rock solid on the field execution is the result of endless practice repetition, much of which is conducted outside of NCAA rules. The Donks practice countless hours in violation of NCAA rules without remorse or fear. I asked a person close to a WAC football program how Boise State’s execution could be so superior to other WAC teams. I was greeted with a roll of the eyes and the curt statement ‘they cheat like hell and everyone in the conference knows it.” Another question -- why would a program in need of so much from a facility stand point spend millions on an indoor practice facility? To further hide from prying eyes was the answer!

Boise’s practice violations extend beyond the season. I was told their off season work out programs are heavily supervised by coaches in violation of NCAA rules, once again without fear or remorse and without athletic department compliance oversight. As described to me, if Boise has a Compliance Officer the person is deaf and blind.

Boise’s backwater reputation has also allowed them to play dangerously close to the edge regarding academic performance. If you remember a University of Idaho coach once blew the whistle on a member of Dan Hawkins staff attempting to load up Boise players with meaningless units to maintain eligibility. Smoke? Fire? You bet.

To be continued……

until part two is published, for your reading pleasure, I hate you Boise State.


mdg said...

before you guys jump on the validity of SDS's blog entry...I have heard this about BSU from more than one source

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!! sour grapes turn to raisins in the CA sun! ha ha ha!!!

who ever wrote this is lame :)

Anonymous said...

Boise OWNS Fresno. Everything about Boise is better then Fresno.

gabeeg said...

I have to say, I have a great respect for what BSU has done with their program and will be truly sad if any of this turns out to be true in regards to cheating. Not only would the black eye belong to BSU but also sadly the WAC...which is all it needs.

I am also not one to worry or fret over BSU's success as the Bulldogs and we Bulldog fans have to worry about our own house and our own success first, foremost and only!

Actually, equal to a winning the WAC and/or going to a BCS bowl is my desire to have a clean and academically successful program here at even in a down year and even after years of not getting it done in the WAC or in regards to a BCS berth we have been very successful.

My biggest frustration is that no one outside the Valley (and few in it for that matter) acknowledge what Fresno has done with their academics and conduct. It should be being held up as an example in the NCAA...Bryant Gumbal should be doing a segment on us like they did for Wisconsin! People still associate Fresno Football with rowdy drunk fans, Criminal Hoops players and Prop atheletes (wrong on all liquer anymore, no scandals and we stopped taking props years ago).

Its easy (easier) when you are a school like Wisconsin and recruit a stud who is also a 3.0+ student, have loads of money, and a successful program. It's another when a school like Fresno has to *make* the student and *make* the player more often than not. It is damn amazing the number of degrees and or NFL contracts students receive. Sorry, kinda went on a tangent there...

Anonymous said...

By all means, I think you should submit your complaint to the NCAA. If I were you, I'd probably not go with the "first hand trusted sources", but rather cite your sources by name.

Here's your chance to bring the BSU program to it's knees. Good Luck.

btw, this has got to be one of the lamest things I've ever read.

Anonymous said...

I will believe this article when some charges are filled with the NCAA...untill then its simply a bunch of I herd BS.

Anonymous said...

"I will believe this article when some charges are filled with the NCAA...untill then its simply a bunch of I herd BS."

"Boise OWNS Fresno. Everything about Boise is better then Fresno."

wow, i now see why idaho fans love to make fun of Donkey education....

Anonymous said...

our of curiosity, where do you suppose they held these "secret" practices prior to the new practice facility being built?

I'd think that 88 guys standing around on some playing field would probably draw a lot of attention.

archaleta said...

"If Boise State comes within 14 points of Oklahoma I'll kill myself."

I hate it when people don't follow through on their promises.

dublivitz said...

Ha ha ha! Careful you’re turning green with envy. What a joke, what jealousy. FYI Idaho gets a lot of cold, snow, and all around foul weather. Hence, the wonderful indoor facility used by many Boise State affiliated and unaffiliated sports teams in the valley. If you actually have a pair you would have listed any facts you have instead of making foolish, crybaby remarks that cannot be justified. Admit it you're a sorry-a$$ sore loser! Stop your whining punk!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the accuracy of ANY blog I read, because bloggers aren't held to journalistic standards of fact-checking.

Rest assured though, we would'nt hate Boise State so much if they hadn't wrecked our dreams and aspirations so many times.

To my Bulldog Bretheren: We rightly critsize the weak scheduling of Boise, but conveniently forget that they still beat us nearly every time--a travesty that we should rise up and scream about! BTW, let's scream to/at the people we pay to do something about it!

Instead, we whine about Boozie State. I could care less about them--just stomp them on the field; DO U HEAR ME, PAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

The bulldogs have the worst defensive coaches in the WAC. Why does Hill keep Dam Brown around? He is horrible. Every OC that faces the Bulldogs cannot wait to get their Offense on the field whe the play Fresno ST. At a big time college football school Brown would have been canned long ago. Why do the Bulldog fans worry about Boise when their own house is a big mess? Just ask the powerful Utah St. and Colorado St. teams that embarrassed the Bulldogs.

Anonymous said...

"The bulldogs have the worst defensive coaches in the WAC. Why does Hill keep Dam Brown around? He is horrible. Every OC that faces the Bulldogs cannot wait to get their Offense on the field whe the play Fresno ST. At a big time college football school Brown would have been canned long ago. Why do the Bulldog fans worry about Boise when their own house is a big mess? Just ask the powerful Utah St. and Colorado St. teams that embarrassed the Bulldogs."

they can't wait to go against our defense? is that why before last year we statistically lead the WAC for many years? last year we played a bunch of freshman because of lack of depth. ask june jones about our defense when we have depth... 70-14

Anonymous said...

Boise State has smoked our Dogs time and time again. If they have worked out illegally some of the Boise State players that have been let go by that program would have been crying like babys long ago.
When I get my ass kicked by someone, at least I have the class to admit they were better than me.WHAT IS THE RECORD BETWEEN OUR DOGS AND THE BRONCOS--- NOT GOOD AT ALL!!
I'd rather our Dogs kick their butts on the field for the next 10 years than cry about the past.
If Boise State has done wrong than why has'nt the program been investigated as of yet?
If they are investigated and found guilty, their disgrace will take it's toll. Let's worry about our own problems.MR HILL, THE TIME HAS COME TO STEP IT UP OR MOVE EM OUT.

Anonymous said...

do u want to lead the WAC in stats or do u want to win championships and go to BCS bowl games? Maybe we should have a stat champion.

Anonymous said...

Is this for real?... Bulldog fans actually believe this stuff? Is this a FS Blog, or a BS (Bull$XXX) Blog? You are pathetic and a very poor loser. I know many FS fans do not believe as your sorry a$$ does and they probably have a set cajones which means they are not cry babies. LOL.....oh ya, nice season..... I'd like to chat, but I have to get back to working out with the coaches in the special "bat cave".

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, though I don't really agree. That is to say, I think antagonism against Boise may be misdirected vis-a-vis the systemic inequity created by the BCS which puts both teams at a disadvantage that is structural. Not to say that a rivalry is unimportant, since that has been one of my biggest criticisms of the WAC as a whole is the lack of a good rivalry which sustains programs and fan bases. At any rate, I don't see how Boise could be cheating... is practicing too much cheating? And really, criticism should be better directed at our program for its terrible performance last year- if we see a more of the same next year, there are going to be lots of problems.

Mike from Bakersfield

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Someone has Bronco envy. Funny rant. It was supposed to be funny, right? And just curious: How is the NCAA a racist organization?

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