Monday, March 05, 2007

Filling a Void....

For blog readers that do not know, NSC has not been able to blog as much to to some technicalties. I apologize for not blogging as much in his place. Blogging is a feeling! For me it is something that just can not be done but something that just flows. And I have not really been in the blogging mode since becoming the publisher of back in late August.

Again, if anyone wants to contribute or guest blog, drop us a line!

Anyway time for some Bulldog football blogging!

I know its a bit late but Jeff Grady and Jim McElwain will fill the open tight end and offensive coordinator positions, respetively. Grady is a no-brainer and a freakin good hire! Mark it down, he will be one of the hottest young coaches in the next few years. McElwain is not a your typical run of the mill NFL assistant Pat Hill pulls out of his ass to fill the OC spot every few years.

McElwain is a college coach, his one year coaching QB's in Oakland hardly makes him an NFL "guy".

McElwain, however, has not been an offensive coordinator since his days at Montana State. But he was the assistant head coach at Michigan State under John L. Smith for three years and coached the receivers and special teams. He held the same position under Smith at Lousiville, as well. He should fit in well and hopefully will be the guy to get Tom Brandstater over the hump.

Spring ball is just over a month away and I can't wait!

If the returning lettermen have a good spring, then the potential for a good 2007 is there. None of the 2007 recruits will be in for spring, meaning they will only make the depth chart better come fall. Check out for spring position breakdowns in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the blog...I was getting worried about the lack of attention to this site. Hopefully NSC gets things worked out, and will be able to continue blogging for us.

Like you, Mad Dog, he was a real asset to us Bulldog Faithful.

Go 'Dogs!

Steve Burnes

mdg said...

could be just weekends for NSC and I'll fill in during the week...but I wish more people would step up and guest blog, it would only make the site more interesting, IMO

Anonymous said...

Anybody know when the schedule (date/times) for the football team is going to be released and when tickets go on sale? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

still waiting on WAC to release conference schedule tickets go on sale in May I believe

Anonymous said...

We miss u, NSC.

Steve Burnes

aa said...