Friday, February 09, 2007

Does This Recruiting Class Excite You?

Time Out Looking on During Fresno-Utah State

Let's be honest here, we have all been Bulldog fans for as long as we can remember. Anyone who spends time reading this blog has devoted countless hours to talking, watching, and following the Fresno State Bulldogs. With all that has happened over the past year the Fresno State Football program needed something exciting to pump life back into it. The Bulldog football program needed something from either Pat Hill or the fans in order for us to once again believe that we have the talent to compete with the BCS schools of the world. Pat Hill came through for the Bulldogs program by recruiting exactly what we needed in order to become a complete team again. Not only did Hill address the number one need (that of speed), but he also brought in countless defensive, offensive, and all around athletes that will make this Fresno State team one to reckon with in the upcoming seasons.

The key here as fans is to expect improvement but not all at one time. Do not go into 2007 expecting these players to run the table and take us to a BCS level game. Instead expect modest improvement to the tune of a three or four game win increase. Acquiring players such as Devon Wylie and Devan Cunningham will only make the Bulldogs stronger as time passes on. We know Pat Hill has changed his philosophy on Freshman as he allows them to have a much more active role with respect to the team than he ever has before. With that being said the direction Fresno State is headed even has a pessimistic person like me excited about the years to come.

If you cannot find a way to be excited about this Fresno State recruiting class you should feel to see if you actually have a pulse. Even fans who have gone through hell with this team know these players are exactly the type that will help to make Bulldog football a strong tradition once again. On signing day one thing we should have all noticed was how adamant each of these players were about playing for Fresno State. While it's true we did not land a four star recruit instead we landed plenty of two and three stars that will make a difference when they are given the chance to because they want to be here in Fresno playing for the Green V. 2007 is going to be a new beginning for Fresno State. It's ok to queston if the Dogs can break free of this pattern with respect to losing games they should not. Just understand that eventually the tides will turn and Fresno State will be the team to beat in the WAC once again.


Anonymous said...

What happened to QB - Nick Anderson?

nsc said...

Anderson had an injury to his shoulder that would have prevented him from playing at state for a long period of time. Fresno State decided that it would make no sense to give a kid a scholarship that would never be able to suit up in the first place.

Anonymous said...

NSC, I too am a devoted fan. This last year was heartbreaking and it boiled down to Pat Hill. Although I too believe this class will help the Dogs, it is Pat Hill who needs to make improvements of his own.
Yes, he must have really worked hard to land these 2-3 star kids but he must now allow someone with a creative offensive mind to step in and help. All the talent in the world won't help a team if the defenses can guess what plays you will be running. Boise State kept defenses guessing and Hill should learn from them. They are creative and the talent they have is only getting better every year.
It is time for Pat Hill to show all the players and fans that he can also delegate parts of the offensive game to those who can help him get back to his winning ways. RAL

Anonymous said...

Will Anderson grayshirt?

CCRWJOEL said...

Great article, agree with everything said.Look forward to Bulldog Football returning to the level it was at and climbing higher.I am very excited about the future!

Anonymous said...

I am excited every year; this year even more so. Just please make me believe that we will stop the inexplicable losses, and I will be happy.

I hope that next year we have what HAD been our average season: 8-4, 3rd place finish. Then, let that set us up for a terrific 2008: WAC camps with the possibility of a BCS bowl game.

Oh yeah...and no losses to SJSU or Utah St, period!

Go 'Dogs, win the WAC!

Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

to have a kind of recruiting class this year as fresno state did after last year says a lot to the program. The future still looks good and I don't see last year happening again.

el perro chato said...

This is a great class. I can't wait to see them play in the fall. There is a lot of exciting players with speed like Thomas, Wylie and Green. Green ran a 10.5s/100m, do you know how fast that is! I bet Wylie runs back the opening kick off 100 yards against Sac St. I also want to see what Chris Lewis can do. I can't wait for the spring game! I bet that Pat Hill does change his philosophy on play calling also.

Anonymous said...


Your take on our recruiting class may be a bit over the top in that these recruits haven't played a single game yet. Even if these recruits have all the talent you say it doesn't really matter if Pat Hill doesn't change his coaching, and I'm not convinced he will. Also, if Hill sticks with TB as our QB I don't see all that much improvement. This is not a put down, NSC, just my personal opinion. I'm like most Dog fans in keeping my fingers crossed.

nsc said...

See the problem is if I write a blog about how we can't get the job done everyone gangs up on me and tells me I am not a true fan. If I write a positive spin I get told that I am to over the top. So which is it, am I a negative fan or am I too positive? Personally I think my view is exactly where it should be with these recruits, positive until they show me another reason to feel differently.