Friday, February 02, 2007

A&M for Cincy, Smart or Stupid?

Texas A&M is one of the most storied college football programs in America. Cincinnati is just a few years removed from being just another "mid-major". Texas A&M has Kyle Field, home to the 12th Man and a crowd of 82,000 plus. Cincy has aging Nippert Stadium that on average will see between 12-15,000 fans.

With those comparisons why not play at A&M, not too mention a loss to the Aggies does not seem so bad compared to losing at Cincinnati. I am not saying Fresno State is going to lose, but after a 4-8 season the prospects of winning are not what many would expect compared to other seasons. I would have to say playing at Texas A&M would be the smartest thing Pat Hill has done thus far in 2007.

The Aggies are not the juggernaut they have been in the past. They certainly don't posses the speed say an LSU does. But they still are capable of wiping the floor with Tom Brandstater and the rest of the Bulldogs. But with improved quarterback play, the right team attitude and good coaching, FS can still play with anyone in the country.

Dare I give an early prediction? No! There are still too many question marks that won't be answered until after spring practice and fall camp.

Brandstater has to back up his 6-5 frame with smart decisions and better throws. The young running backs need to step up and fill the hole left by Dwayne Wright. The new WR coach has to "coach" the receivers. The program has not had a "true" receiver coach since Henry Ellard helped out earlier this decade.

Need I mention the secondary? This might be the smartest reason to play A&M; the Aggies lack a dynamic passing game. And don't necessary attack the edges or the sidelines. Their basically the same team as the Bulldogs. But the Aggies have bigger and better athletes and usually employ a mobile quarterback.

It's a game the Fresno State players should rally around and a team they can beat if they bring their A game.


nsc said...

MDG good post on the game. Although I don't feel the Dogs are going to win they will gain so much experience from playing a game in a stadium such as this one. If they do win think what it will do for the confidence of this team heading into Oregon the following week.

By the way can you get on the barkboard and change my moniker back to blog-dog? I am not to sure I like the name Bull-pup to be honest with you. Good thing you didn't go to the Hawaii game with Zagfan559 and I last night, it was absolutely embarrassing. I have never seen a team look that bad and that includes the Dogs 68-37 loss to Hawaii at home this past year.

mdg said...

notice why did not even bother posting the recap on

It's a game I would like to forget!

nsc said...

Yeah you have to say it has been a bad year for Bulldog sports. I think that is why it hurts us fans so much when the football team faulters because they have been the ones that have really carried the excitement for this university over the past four years or so. One bad football year and we really have nothing to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

We COULD beat the Aggies--remember what everyone thought about Kansas State vs. Fresno State a few years ago. The Bulldogs, when playing their "A" game, are capable of beating a team like A&M.

Plus, Pat Hill has his back against the proverbial wall, and this is just the kind of game he excels at getting his team up for. I am not predicting a win, but victory wouldnt shock me, either.

The only thing we Bulldogs fans can hope for is that this terrible year in sports will springboard us into a better 2007. As I've said, "It could hardly be worse."

Go 'Dogs, win the WAC!

Steve Burnes