Monday, September 17, 2007

BlogPoll Ballot

This was a tough one to compile. The top four teams are a no-brainer. Penn State was my preseason No. 5 team and they have not done anything to tarnish their ranking per se. But the No. 6 spot? Texas did not look like the No. 6 team this week. I am still no sold on the Mountaineers. Wisconsin continues to struggle, but the Badgers are still winning. But is any one playing better than Oregon right now? No. 6 maybe a bit high, but I don't know who else to put in there. The Cal-UO game in a few weeks will really clear up the top 5-6 teams in the nation.

After No. 18, it is a crapshoot. There are about 10-15 teams that one can argue deserve top a top 25 ranking. Tulsa was a team I thought about ranking, let's see how they do against OU this week. And I am still not ready to put Virginia Tech back in the top 25.


1Southern Cal 1
2LSU 1
5Penn State--
6Oregon 8
8West Virginia 1
9California 2
10Texas 4
11Wisconsin 1
12Arizona State--
13South Carolina--
14Ohio State 3
15Boston College 7
16South Florida--
17Clemson 2
18Texas A&M 5
19Georgia Tech 11
20Missouri 6
21Kentucky 5
22Alabama 4
23Louisville 8
24Cincinnati 2
25Nebraska 7

Dropped Out: Tennessee (#20), Arkansas (#21), UCLA (#24), Iowa (#25).


I Say Let'Em Crash said...

no Hawai'i?

i think their offense would give Texas A&M fits

mdg said...

I am not sold on Hawaii...OT to put away LA Tech, that is not top 25 material...I still say Hawaii loses two WAC games...honestly, I might not consider ranking them until they win Nov. 16 at Nevada or absolutely kill everyone ahead them by scores of 50-10 each and every week...the Bayou Bulldogs should have won that game, the Warriors would struggle against most top 25 teams, their defense is suspect once again