Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Q Brown Situation

We all remember what it was like to be involved with the opposite sex in college. At first it feels great to be with someone but as time passes things tend to change. Slowly but surely you realize that maybe things are not great like you once thought they were. Eventually the relationship you thought was so strong ends and you have no idea why or how that happened. Q Brown may not have gone through the same type of situation as I explained but when it comes to affairs of the heart there has to be some type of understanding as to why men and women react they way they do. Margie Wright may not be happy with the punishment that Q Brown was given for the actions he took towards his ex g/f but she has no say in the matter and that is exactly how it should be. Had one of Margie Wright's players done the same thing they would not have been suspended for a long period of time either. This is a situation that the media will blow up every single time it occurs when in all reality it is something we as the public have very little need to know about.

Q Brown is a football player at Fresno State. As fans that gives us the right to root for him and to follow him on the football field. At the same time many of the things he does off the field will make headlines because he is one of those rare players that is supposed to come into the program and make a difference as soon as he steps on the field. Brown is fast, possessing the speed to catch Lonyae Miller out of the backfield and if anyone attended spring practices this season they would have seen the amazing shape Miller was in. However, with that being said I am not so sure it is truly our business to know that Brown made the decisions he did with respect to his ex. He seems to be a man who was confused and hurt at the same time and more often than not men make the wrong decisions when it comes to the women they care about. There are very few men out there who would not be bothered by the situation that Q Brown dealt with recently. Now I am not saying we all would have made the same decisions that Brown did. He apparently did not think things through and reacted before he thought about it. He made a mistake when he vandalized his ex's car, but he did not hurt her. Brown did not assault her and did not cause any pain to this woman. He reacted with his heart and to hear the way he is being portrayed in the public is quite bothersome. So many people have become hypocrites by saying that what Brown did was wrong and they never would have done anything like that in their lives. While I feel some have the right to say that most of us don't. Not every one of us in life has made the right decisions when it comes to the opposite sex. Sometimes we get upset and do things that are out of character. I feel like that is exactly what happened to Brown and in the end his one game suspension is all that is needed for this situation.

When we think about the punishment Q Brown received many have to remember that Brown is being punished and it has nothing to do with who we play in football. If we played K-State, Oregon, or A&M first he still would have been suspended for the first game. You have to remember this is a Pat Hill football team. When players screw up they get exactly what they deserve. How can anyone forget the way Hill handled the Kyle Young saga last season. Although Young was supposedly one of the top centers in the nation he missed the latter half of the season as Pat Hill did not think twice about suspending him. So for those who think Brown's suspension was unjust and should have been longer maybe you should ask Pat Hill why he only gave him one game. In the end I believe you will find that Hill did exactly what he felt Brown deserved. Q Brown made a mistake that hopefully one day will be forgotten. We will not look back and remember Brown for what happened this past month but instead we will try and remember him for the football player he was on the field. After all we are football fans first and foremost, isn't that what our focus should be on?

Note - After reading this blog again I realize that I make it sound like off the field performance doesn't matter. I am not saying that what a player does when he is off the field doesn't matter. I am just merely stating that players will make mistakes. Most of us in life have been given a second chance at one time or another and players are human just as we are. Sometime they need to see the error of their ways before they realize what is right and wrong.


Anonymous said...

Well that says it all, "let's remember our players only for what they did on the field, but not the type of human beings they are off the field."

I thought it was the other way around. Goes to show what kind of backward thinking one can have while in a state of desparation(4-8).

It's only a game people...the choices these young men make at this stage in their life - will most likely mirror the decisions they make as mature adults. Heavy discipline now, will be the biggest deterent in not making the same mistaks during adulthood.

nsc said...

Yes true it is a game, but we as the public act like players are not going to make mistakes. In fact we act like it is the end of the world if a player does mess up. I screwed up in my life before I joined the air force but no one heard about it (unlike Q brown because of his role on the team) and now everything is fine. Why did that happen? Because I was given a second chance. I guess what I am trying to get across here is players will screw up, it is inevitable. Not everyone has the greatest judgement when it comes to everyday life, but to crucify the players the way the media does is completely wrong.

Was Reggie Bush right for taking as much money as he did? No, but why did he do it? Did he instead use it to help hid families living situation? Yes he made a mistake but it is going to happen. I am not saying do not judge the players on their off the field behavior but instead judge them on their overall time here at state. One bad night for Q Brown does not make him a horrible person in the least and that should be remembered here.

By the way I am one of the most straight forward thinking people out there. I am not desperate after a 4-8 season as I am the guy who feels we will finish 7-5 at the best. I just put exactly how I feel down. I would appreciate you not making assumptions when you have no idea who I am.

Anonymous said...

Fact is, the media did not crucify Q Brown--he did it to himself. Let's review what happened--he illegally entered her apartment (the trespassing charge) while under the influence of alcohol (he's not 21 yet, so he could have been charged with underage drinking). He then vandalized her car (and was given a break by the DA).

Then, to make matters worse, some of his teammates send the victim (and she is a crime victim) harassing and threatening text messages. And, the exhibition of the middle finger out on Bulldog Lane.

If he had behaved like an adult, there would've been no police report (which is where the media got the story) and no negative press for Felony State again.

As for Margie Wright, she has every right to advocate for her player. Every coach I've played for or known has gone to bat for their people when they've been done wrong.

Oh well, it's no wonder Fresno State is having trouble with gender equity, when boosters feel its okay to do what Q did.

Shame, shame.

nsc said...

Wait so you feel like Q Brown is completely at fault here and the woman receives no blame whatsoever? Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you knew of a relationship between two young adults that was completely one sided with respect to fault? If you believe that the woman in this situation had nothing to do with what happened then you definitely are wearing blinders.

The problem here is the Fresno Bee (who loves to crucify Bulldog football players) only reports what happened from the female point of view. They don't ever delve into what may have happened from the male point of view or if there were ever any altercations before this one occurred. No it isn't right what Q did but to think this was all on him is a mistake. These problems tend to have to do with both people involved in the relationship.